Wireless Pentesting

Wireless Networks extend the internal environment to potential external attacks within range. Wireless security testing focuses on enumerating and verifying potential attack vectors and threats related to the organization’s wireless infrastructure.


Wireless Security Assessment is comprised of the following major phases

  • Access Point Discovery
  • Wireless Penetrating Testing
  • Post Wireless Exploitation

Wireless Pentesting typically contains attempts to capturing information from existing communications such as private keys, SSIDs, encryption schemes deployed. After all the information has been gathered, we will try to establish an authorized wireless connection with the targeted locations access points, hijack the existing connection. We also perform the MITM to further assess the security of wireless networks.

Post Assessment

After performing the security testing for wireless network, we provide detailed report that provides the insight about

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the wireless network infrastructure.
  • Security Configuration review report of the Wireless Controller / AP
  • Proof of concept section for any exploited networks

Recommendations on how to improve the wireless security within the client network.